and Commercial System

The Best Non-Salt, Non-Chemical Technology at Any Price. The only choice for outdoor water.
140 Item EPA ETL Lab Analysis with every unit.

Dual Media, Dual Electrode,
Triple Tank System

One million gallon rated activated carbon and hydroxite filter tanks, with automatic timed back wash valves. Dual ionization and oxygen electrodes. System comes equipped with retention tank illustrated below. EPA signature lab test on over 140 items included with every unit sold. Do not purchase equipment from any manufacturer with portable home testing, or from any vendor not offering a money-back guarantee on a major credit card. Why put harmful brine or chemicals into your septic system? 99% of ECOsmarte well water installs discharge natural water to your drainfield.

Well Water Configuration
The ECOsmarte well water turbo has no equal in point-of-entry water treatment technology. Multiple mineral and chemical problems are addressed across wide ph and flow rate parameters. No salt, chemical regeneration, ph modification or in-line flow restriction is required to deliver premium quality safe water, indoor and outdoor, treated at point-of-entry. Low level ionization residuals remain in plumbing lines for residual protection against bacteria and scale.

Iron/manganese combinations: 6.5 to 9.0 ph
Hydrogen Sulfide: Always
Organic Iron: High Flow Rates

Each well water system comes with a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, a 3 year full warranty with 5 year available, and NO factory sold unit has been returned out of hundreds sold since 1994. Your EPA/ETL lab results will determine whether you need the two or three tank system. Multiple minerals other than calcium above EPA levels, will generally require a three tank configuration.

Science Summary
Technical Specifications

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