Well Water Point-of-Entry - Testimonials


September 6th, 1999

ECOsmarte Planet Friendly
730 W. 78th Street
Richfield, MN 55423


We have lived in our home in Afton for about ten years. During this time we have had a continuous problem with our well water. Although we had a soft water system, our sinks and tubs were continuously stained and we had to buy bottled water to drink. Conventional soft water systems were unable to correct this problem.

In desperation, we began looking for an alternative technology to solve our water problems. We visited the ECOsmarte office in Richfield and were given a complete explanation of this system. Although we were not completely convinced, we decided to purchase an ECOsmarte system. It has been installed for one month and has made a significant improvement in our lives. We no longer need to fuss with our water system or buy bottled water. What we really appreciate is the consistency of the water quality; it does not go up and down. Although the ECOsmarte system was more expensive than traditional soft water systems, we are very pleased with our decision to purchase.

Best regards,

Jim and Arlene Barnhart
3535 Trading Post Trail
Afton, MN 55001


April 19th, 1999

By the 19th we got the whole house water filtration system completely installed and running. The story behind this is that our well water tests came back from two different test labs showing that we had arsenic levels 10 times that of the EPA limit...not good!   After tons of research on the web and calling places I ended up working with a company called EcoSmarte. I worked with both the CEO at their main office in Minnesota and a local distributor here in Phoenix. When it was all said and done we ended up with a pretty sophisticated system which was necessary to get rid of such a severe problem.  If you want to know the details send us an email and I will be happy to explain them to you or visit EcoSmarte's site. Basically we have a combination of technologies working for us which includes EcoSmarte's ionization and a RO for the whole house. update 6/7/99 I talked to Larry (CEO) today and he recieved the post-install water test results back and we have NO detectable arsenic in our water now.  That's GREAT NEWS!

Michael and Pam K.
New River, AZ (Excerpt from their website)


October 29, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

I have been using ECOsmarte water conditioning systems for my household water and for my swimming pool for four months now and would like to report back to you that I am extremely pleased with both systems.

My household water is supplied from a well and has moderately hard water. I have had to use a conventional water softener for the last fifteen years, constantly lugging heavy bags of salt to my basement to keep the unit operating. Even with the water softener, my sinks, faucets, and water heater had calcium build-up to the point where two of my toilets filled extremely slow. Within one month after installing the ECOsmarte system in my home, my toilets began filling normally and the scale on the faucets and shower heads disappeared. The bonus was the water felt softer. It was like magic.

As for the pool system, having a chlorine-free pool is amazing. My wife has very sensitve eyes and was constantly irritated by the chorline. Since installing the ECOsmarte system, my maintenance costs have dropped to almost nothing. I still go to the pool every morning thinking there is something I must do. It's hard to break old habits.

Please use my name as a reference for your products. You've got a winner!


Michael Amato


Pool and Well Water Testimonial!

October 24, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

Last April we met with you to discuss the installation of the chemical-free ECOsmarte Water Treatment Systems. The first installation was the swimming pool. The second application was the water system in our home.

We have been amazed at the clarity, taste and smell of the swimming pool. Almost immediately after installation, everyone noticed that the pool smelled fresh and clean. The best example of the quality is our two dogs, who in past years would not go near the pool. After conversion to the ECOsmarte system, the dogs would drink the pool water.. Our guests have commented that the water is soft and crystal clear and they are grateful that we do not use chemicals. I found that the pool required less care and upkeep - maintaining pH levels and cleaning the skimmers.

For many years the house had three recyclable tanks supplied by Culligan. Our well produces very brown water which is caused by the iron content in the soil. Usually, at the end of the ;month we would have a strong odor of sulfur or, more precisely, "rotten eggs." Our showers are white tile with white grout which became a brown color from the iron deposits. Also, the water was very hard and did not provide much lather or softness.

Upon converting to the ECOsmart system the brown color was gone as was the sulfur odor. The water is soft and has the wonderful smell of a pure artesian well. My wife and daughters have remarked how soft and full-bodied their hair feels with the new system. Our crystal glasses used to become cloudy and dull. Consequently, we had to handwash them. As you know we do a lot of entertaining and it is not unusual to have fifty to sixty glasses to wash. Now we just put them in the dishwasher and they come out clear and squeaky clean.

I can't begin to tell you the number of compliments we have gotten from family members and guests about the water in the house and pool. As you know, some of our neighbors will be installing the ECOsmarte system in their homes and pools. I am pleased to send you this letter and you have my permission to use its contents in your publications. If anyone would like to call us, please feel free to give them our telephone number.

Best Regards,

Brian T. Fitzpatrick


July 5, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

My wife and I wish to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with the electrolytic water purification system you installed for us some six months ago. Prior to this installation, the water from our community well system was heavily contaminated with manganese, iron, calcium, salt and non-coliform bacteria as well as organic solids (see enclosed NTL drinking water anallysis.) This contaminated water stained white laundry so badly that it was necessary to use a Laundromat in town; plumbing fixtures requird constant de-staining and, while the water was safe to drink, it did not taste particularly good so we regularly used bottled water for ice cubes, mixing concentrated juices and for drinking. Since the ECOsmarte System with a 20 micron pre-filter was installed last January we are able to do our white laundry at home, plumbing fixtures are becoming stain-free and the water is perfectly drinkable. I most highly recommend both this system and this company. The system has worked as advertised, the installation was first class and the service is outstanding.


Robert W. Harrison
18800 N. Boon Rd.
Oak Harbor, Washington