ECOsmarte Pool Systems - Testimonials

13 August 1999

Dear ECOsmarte,

In your "ECO TALK" newsletteryou are offering free electrodes for testimonials and photos detailing experiences with your product. Here are some of those details and a photo of four of our grandchildren enjoying our "Chlorine-Free" pool.

Just about one year ago we installed a pool. Prior to that (almost 3 months), we had heard about ECOsmarte from a friend who was enjoying a "Chlorine-Free" pool without resorting to Chlorine to keep the water "bacteria-free."

After reading and hearing about the benefits of your system, we had it installed in our new pool. Immediately, my grandchildren remarked about not having "burning" eyes as when swimming in a conventional Chlorine pool.

One child, John, resused to go for swimming lessons because his eyes burned. Thanks to ECOsmarte, within the last year, John is now a pretty good swimmer. Knowing how important it is for kids to know how to swim, especially here in Arizona where 50% of the homes have pools, we are thrilled that now all our grandchildren are swimmers.

I can highly recommend ECOsmarte as an alternative to Chlorine. ECOsmarte is on our list of "ways to stay healthy."

Yours truly,

Ralph Marchese


October 2, 1997

Dear ECOsmarte,

I am very pleased to share my experience with the ECOsmarte swimming pool treatment system, which I installed three months ago. I had been struggling with my pool since I moved in to my current residence 15 months ago. This is the story of my pool.

When I moved in, the house had been vacant for several months and the pool experienced a major algae bloom. I spent the next month dealing with this--large amounts of chlorine shock treatment plus algaecide and flocculent. I even drained one half of the pool volume and refilled it in an attempt to improve water clarity. Please note that I have a covered and enclosed pool, and in the summertime, with green house effect, the pool house temperature is typically in excess of 100 degrees F, and the pool water temperature is in the mid to upper 80's. This is an ideal environment for algae and bacterial growth. After several weeks, I finally achieved acceptable water quality for swimming. This required frequent chlorination, several pounds of shock treatment every three days coupled with chlorine tablets in the floater. In addition copper algaecide was added frequently. I also replaced the sand in my filter, which I would run 12 hours a day. I assumed the slight residual water turbidity was a consequence of the thermal stimulus for microbiologic growth coupled with the relatively high porosity of my sand filter.

ECOsmarte has completely changed the quality of my pool. I had the system installed on a trial basis by my neighbor Joel Cepeda, whose crystal clear outdoor pool has been the envy of the neighborhood. I knew that my indoor pool, with greenhouse temperature effect would be a major challenge for the ECOsmarte system and I remained skeptical that it would work. To make a long story short, within 2 days of installing the system my pool was crystal clear and chlorine free. I could visualize the detailed texture of the pool bottom for the first time! I did not have the ECOsmarte system tied in to the automatic timer initially and operated it manually each day. I then left town for a one-week vacation in late August, leaving the system off Imagine my dismay when I returned home to discover a major algae bloom of the same intensity as when I first moved into the house. I immediately turned on the ECOsmarte system and ran it continuously for 24 hours. The pool was clear the following day.

Needless to say, I finalized my purchase of the system on the spot. I tied the system into the timer, and it only requires operation 6 hours a day (as compared to the 12 hours per day pre ECOsmarte) and I have not added any chemical oxidants or algaecide for two months. I simply keep the water pH in the neutral range and ECOsmarte does the rest. The water quality is absolutely superb. I am very excited about this product, which I consider to be a breakthrough technology. I can confidently recommend this system to anyone without reservation. Thanks ECOsmarte.

Ray A. Wagner, M.D.
El Paso, Texas


August 18, 1998

c/o Larry R. Couture, II
730 West 78th St
Richfield, MN 55423

Hi ECOsmarte!

I called you a few weeks ago about a question I had with my copper test kit. Thanks for the help. It seems every time I'm stuck, I call you guys and I get the information I need to resolve any issues I have. Thanks.

For your information, I have had the ECOsmarte Pool System now for three summer seasons. I live in Maine where the summers are short, so it is very important to have the pool up and going fast. Your system sure makes it easy and quick to get started. This is what I had to do this spring to get started:

#1 Vacuum the pool, by-passing the filter (I have a DE filter so I just open the discharge valve and vacuum the pool).

#2 Place the DE in the filter.

#3 Test for pH and Copper (here in Maine, the rainwater has a low pH, it tested at 6.8).

#4 Start the ECOsmarte Pool System on Ionization for a few days to get the copper up and by then, the water was clear and ready for swimming.

That is FANTASTIC, you know, I have not used any chemicals in over two years NONE, no pH adjuster, no chlorine, no shock, NOTHING. This system is quickly paying for itself and the quality of the water is great!

So Thanks, for your product and your support staff.

Larry Dube Winslow, Maine


June 10, 1998

Dear ECOsmarte,

I am writing to share with you my very positive experience with your product. I purchased your system in 1996, and thus have begun the third year of usage. Swimming has always been my favorite sport, but unfortunately, I am allergic to chlorine and very sensitive to Bromide. Since I purchased your product, I have been able to swim with no allergic reaction. An added benefit has been the low operating costs and above all, the absolutely crystal clear water.

Thank you for allowing me to enjoy my favorite pastime once again.


David G. Ray Reedsville, PA


Monday, December 28, 1998

Mr. Ray Wilkes
Residential Products Manager

Hey Big Ray

Not once this year did I have to put out $100, $120 for drums of chlorine! Not once this year did I have to have back-surgery from wrestling those 80# drums outta my trunk! Not once did I pull any muscles or run over my toes rolling that behemoth to storage! Not onve this year did wind blow chlorine all over the deck, the flowers! And the six weeks I was in the hospital, the water stayed as pristine clear & blue as if you Yourself had been taking care of it. The system is so simple, even my woman handled it.

Only problem: my friends, when they come over, when they drop by for a burger & a dip, how do I keep their teenaged daughters from tossing their tops to go topless for the extra tanning?!

Your grateful friend,

Errett Bristor
Farmers Branch, TX


August 2, 1999

ECOsmarte Planet Friendly
c/c Joe Cantin

My pool has never been this easy to take care of. I don't even add the pH down Joe told me I would need when I bought your system. There is one more thing I would like to report. I have been turning my pool off 3 to 4 days per week and its been crystal clean since last spring when we installed it. We will have made the money back in less than 3 seasons, not to mention saving time.


Bob Katarik
St. Paul Park, MN

P.S. We have a 28 year old cement pool with a sand filter. I'll buy your sandfilter media next spring.


July 23, 1999

Dear EcoSmarte

We have had out copper ion pool system in operation now for one year and just love it. As you know, keeping a pool pure and clean in South Florida can be a task but with the combination of a turbo cleaning system with your purifier makes it an easy task. Thank you.

I would like to order the $99.00 early bird special you offered in the recent newsletter. While our plates are still good for some time, I would like to have a spare set on hand. Enclosed is a check for $99.00.

Thanks again for a great product.


Donald C. Dietz
Lauderhill, FL


October 29, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

I have been using ECOsmarte water conditioning systems for my household water and for my swimming pool for four months now and would like to report back to you that I am extremely pleased with both systems.

My household water is supplied from a well and has moderately hard water. I have had to use a conventional water softener for the last fifteen years, constantly lugging heavy bags of salt to my basement to keep the unit operating. Even with the water softener, my sinks, faucets, and water heater had calcium build-up to the point where two of my toilets filled extremely slow. Within one month after installing the ECOsmarte system in my home, my toilets began filling normally and the scale on the faucets and shower heads disappeared. The bonus was the water felt softer. It was like magic.

As for the pool system, having a chlorine-free pool is amazing. My wife has very sensitve eyes and was constantly irritated by the chorline. Since installing the ECOsmarte system, my maintenance costs have dropped to almost nothing. I still go to the pool every morning thinking there is something I must do. It's hard to break old habits.

Please use my name as a reference for your products. You've got a winner!


Michael Amato