City Water Point-of-Entry - Testimonials

From: Alyn Shannon
Subject: Testimonial
Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 10:26 AM

September 15, 1999

We have been living in our new house with our new ECOsmarte water system for 5 months now.

So many people that visit the house ask how our water is...they see the big glass shower doors, the stainless steel in the kitchen, want to know if the water is ok to drink...And I tell them about the ECOsmarte water system we put in.

I tell them I really dont fully understand how the system works, just that I know it works without chemicals or salt and and uses something called ionization to deal with our 18 grain hard White Bear Lake Township Water. A natural, environmentally friendly approach, since we are on the lake. I also let them know how wonderfully it works. I have never had such clean, sparkly dishes out of the dishwahser. Ecosmarte recommended that we not install a stainless steel dishwasher if we were going to use their system. They thought the intense heat from the stainless steel would cause spotting. We went with the Bosch dishwasher with the stainless steel inside and it came with a free supply of Jet Dry, so I tried it. I cant beleive how great the dishes look.

Its delicious to drink too! We have a refrigerator with the water and ice from the door and it gets used constantly. I thought water deposits/spots would be a problem in that area because of the stainless and black. The light spotting that happens is more like a fine powder that just wipes off. Cleaning and maintaining is so easy.

After 5 months of living with the system, we couldnt be happier. Thank you for being responsible with our environment, and creating a system that works.

Living with great water without chemicals and salt,

Alyn Shannon
White Bear Township


Pool and Home Testimonial!

October 24, 1996

Dear ECOsmarte,

Last April we met with you to discuss the installation of the chemical-free ECOsmarte Water Treatment Systems. The first installation was the swimming pool. The second application was the water system in our home.

We have been amazed at the clarity, taste and smell of the swimming pool. Almost immediately after installation, everyone noticed that the pool smelled fresh and clean. The best example of the quality is our two dogs, who in past years would not go near the pool. After conversion to the ECOsmarte system, the dogs would drink the pool water.. Our guests have commented that the water is soft and crystal clear and they are grateful that we do not use chemicals. I found that the pool required less care and upkeep - maintaining pH levels and cleaning the skimmers.

For many years the house had three recyclable tanks supplied by Culligan. Our well produces very brown water which is caused by the iron content in the soil. Usually, at the end of the ;month we would have a strong odor of sulfur or, more precisely, "rotten eggs." Our showers are white tile with white grout which became a brown color from the iron deposits. Also, the water was very hard and did not provide much lather or softness.

Upon converting to the ECOsmart system the brown color was gone as was the sulfur odor. The water is soft and has the wonderful smell of a pure artesian well. My wife and daughters have remarked how soft and full-bodied their hair feels with the new system. Our crystal glasses used to become cloudy and dull. Consequently, we had to handwash them. As you know we do a lot of entertaining and it is not unusual to have fifty to sixty glasses to wash. Now we just put them in the dishwasher and they come out clear and squeaky clean.

I can't begin to tell you the number of compliments we have gotten from family members and guests about the water in the house and pool. As you know, some of our neighbors will be installing the ECOsmarte system in their homes and pools. I am pleased to send you this letter and you have my permission to use its contents in your publications. If anyone would like to call us, please feel free to give them our telephone number.

Best Regards,

Brian T. Fitzpatrick